iPhone Repairs Canberra


Bytech offers complete iPhone refurbishment solutions for all generations of the popular smart phone. The majority of our work involves screen replacement and/or earlier model battery replacement.

Our policy is to replace the complete LCD and glass touch digitizer as a complete unit, anything less, we have found provides problems for the user.

iPhone 4 around $100.

iPhone 5, 5c and 5s damaged screen replacement is currently around $125.

iPhone 6 is from $130.00

Battery replacement is around $60.

Other issues such as faulty switches and speakers will need to be quoted for.

Prior to your iPhone service we will conduct a full diagnostic as surface damage often (and generally) leads to other problems associated with cameras, microphones, vibrating element, speakers, etc.

Please keep us informed of any issues to speed up our initial diagnosis.  These are generally minor problems and we will inform you of any additional costs before we start work on your iPhone.

We also have various models for sale, and buy unwanted and broken units.