iPod Repairs

Bytech offers complete iPod refurbishment solutions only for the iPod Classic. Our policy is to replace whatever is necessary for that particular model. Proceed more »

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iPad Repairs

Versatile but prone to damage, we're here to help. Costs can vary on iPad repairs due to complications such as broken glass cutting into the LCD.  This would result in replacement of both items. As a guide, around $170 for Gen. 2, 3 and 4 is the cost expected on these devices, but quotes will be confirmed before any work is undertaken. The iPad Mini screen r more »

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iPhone Repairs

Bytech offers complete iPhone refurbishment solutions for all generations of the popular smart phone. The majority of our work involves screen replacement and/or earlier model battery replacement. Our policy is to replace the complete LCD and glass touch digitizer as a complete unit, anything less, we have found provides problems for the user. iPhone 4 around $100 more »

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Laptop Repairs

The modern laptop gives us the advantage to work, play and keep in contact through social media and the web on the go.  The laptop is therefore subjected to a wider range of damage. At Bytech Computer Services we see too often major damage to: casings screens hard drives motherboards keyboards and trackpads We also provide data recovery solut more »

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With over 30 years of Apple experience, Bytech Computer Services offers hardware and systems support for desktop machines dating back to 1984. This includes Classic Macs, Power Macs, G4's, eMacs, G5's, iMac's, Mac Minis and Mac Pros. Pending initial diagnosis and the age of the machine, advice can be given to the cost of such work. At Bytech Computer Serv more »

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Data Recovery

Due to the general lack of data backup, hard drive failure in all computers can be catastrophic.  From powerpoint presentations to little Johnny's history assignment and last Christmas' holiday snaps, losing data can be traumatic to say the least. In most cases, Bytech Computer Services can recover this lost data for you. Initial diagnosis will cost $40 + more »

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Cracked iPhone Screen Repair

Please refer to details at "iPhone Repairs" under Services.

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Mac System Setup

Bytech Computer Services offers complete system setup solutions for the home in the ACT and surrounding region.  We understand it can be difficult to select the correct Apple products to enhance your family or business needs. After an initial consultation we can provide: Purchasing Installation Network setup Liason with internet service provider (IS more »

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Mac Problems & Upgrades

We have knowledge of Macintosh computers going back to the original Mac 128, and can assist you with most requests you may have from the original to the current machines. This may include the following: System issues, where the machine is not behaving as it should; System upgrades; Memory upgrades; Hard drive backups and/or upgrades; Issues with wireless and ge more »

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