Terms & Conditions


It must be noted, when entering into an agreement for services carried out by Bytech Computer Services, you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions.


We will not be responsible for any device sent through the post which goes missing.  We use Australia Post's registered mail service (where possible), and strongly recommend you do so in sending us your Apple product.

A client order number will be generated and must be associated with your post.

We take no responsibility for items that have incurred damage in transit. We do not open post before it is signed for.  Diagnosis is then carried out and any damage outside that 'described by client' will have to be taken up with Australia Post for additional damage . 

On return, we use Australia Post's registered mail service (where possible) for peace of mind and will provide you with a tracking number.  All items are insured and for this service we charge $10 for iPhones and iPods.

In some cases, higher insurance may be required requiring a higher fee.

Laptop and desktop machines vary depending on size and insurance required. These will need to be quoted for, but generally start at $20.

You can track your package at auspost.com.au/track.

All devices will have a full diagnostic check carried out before work is carried out.

Clients will be contacted via email if additional costs will be incurred. Client confirmation will be needed to proceed.

There will be a $20 diagnostic fee (plus postage) for iPods and iPhones which do not proceed with a repair.  Those being repaired will not incur this diagnostic fee.

There will be a $40 diagnostic fee (plus postage) for desktops and laptops which do not proceed with a repair.  Those being repaired will not incur this diagnostic fee.

We cannot guarantee repair of liquid damaged items.  There will be a $20 (for iPhones and iPods), and a $40 (for laptops and desktops) diagnostic fee for such items (plus postage).  These fees will not be incurred if successful repair work is carried out.

Bytech Computer Services respects your privacy and will never pass on your information to another source.  We encourage you to backup your device before sending and take no responsibility for information lost during service.

Do not send in your device with a lock code.  We cannot test the device after and therefore your warranty with us may be void.

Please do not send anything but the device.  Do not include boxes, headphones, chargers, simcards or any other accessories, unless otherwise advised.

Jailbroken devices are welcome but may not be covered by our warranty for reliable system operation.

We take no responsibility whatsoever for your Apple warranty.  The damage you are sending your device in for may void your warranty, and any other service we provide may also void your warranty.  Apple warranty is your responsibility and not ours.

An invoice will be provided by email once repair and/or service is complete. 

Bytech Computer Services will always repair your device to the highest quality and guarantees the service provided for a period of 90 days.  Should there be any problems with your device associated with the work carried out by us we will cover all shipping costs and parts to rectify the situation as soon as possible.